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Email us with any orders, questions, comments or suggestions!
We would be happy to hear from you.

If you would like to send us regular mail, we can be reached at:

Crop Circle
Box 0072
667 Columbia St.
New Westminister
British Columbia

Make your check or international money order payable to: Crop Circle

Only international money orders will be accepted in doubt ask the person you are getting the money order if this can be cashed in canada

If you pay via a check, we will institute a 30 day waiting period while the check clears. This will increase the shipping time by that same amount.

When mailing your order, it's safer and more inconspicuous to send via regular mail.

We provide a 10% discount on all cash orders send cash inside a christmas or birthday card.

Pay via bit coin you simply send too our bit coin address after purchasing bit coin at one of the following places

In the usa get bit coin with a credit or debit card at
In europe get bit coin with a credit card at
Everyelse in the world get bit coin at with a credit card etc
You get a 10% discount by paying via bit coin
Some other bit coin buying places include,,
Email for our bit coin address

You can pay for all our products through

We do accept credit cards directly but we can only ship to the credit card billing address. We would need the credit card number, exp and ccv number on the back of the card.

canabis seeds

4. Waiting for Delivery

Now comes the part where you've got to be patient. You've done everything you need to, sent us your order, included your email so we can email you when send it out. Now its time for us to go to work.

Delivery times range, depending on your geographical location, and the speed that mail is moving at any particular time.

Be patient, but at the same time, if you haven't received anything, and you sent your order out more than 5 weeks ago, by all means give us an email! We'll see when your order was sent out, what it may look like, and if for some reason your order was lost, we'll resend.

Our orders tend to be hidden very well in our shipments, so if you receive something from our area of the world, and you don't know what it is, DON'T throw it out. Inspect it very carefully, if you need help, give us an email to find out where we have hidden the goodies.
One of the many retail stores that carry our products can be reached at Tel: (604)314-9888
If you want clones check out our marijuana clone section

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