Legends Seeds

Cream Soda

Outdoor Sep 7 Yield 500gm indoor flower 44 days

Price: 10 seeds for $50.00

Shishkaberry #3

Outdoors -Mid Oct yield 600gm Placed 2nd to Blueberry in the Seed Company Indica category, 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup!

Price: 10 seeds for $135.00
Sweet Tooth #3

Outdoor Sep 7 Yield 500gm indoor flower 44 days
Does well as a small bush but will become a large bush given adequate growth parameters. Whether this is an exceptional commercial strain or head stash is for you to decide. I truly hope you enjoy these plants as much as I do.
Price: 10 seeds for $150.00

Blue Satellite

Outdoor Sep 7 Yield 500gm indoor flower 44 days
Blueberry Sativa mother, pollinated by a choice second generation Skb male. This a flexible plant that trains well. The smell is astringent, like cleaning fluid. Very kind!
Price: 10 seeds for $120.00

Honeybee (Biker Bob x Flo)

Cannabis Cowboy/DJ Short Joint project. Another joint project with the master himself, DJ Short, This time using the Flo father that he selected from a large test crop. The Bob is a truly elite cut that friends grew for years that had started to fade in vigour, but certainly not in resin coverage, flavour or it's unbelievable potency. The hash from the mother plant is some of the blackest and meltiest I have ever seen. Makes you feel like you have a bee buzzing around inside your head. The Bob's name came from some old biker type guy named Bob who gave it to one of my bros, unnamed and they just called it the Biker Bob after him, or the thousand dollar plant. One of my oldest friends and dedicated medical supplier hung onto it for years and I thought the Flo dad would be a perfect mate, and the honeybee came to be. The honeybee name is a dedication to this friend and his love for honey and beekeeping. Yield: above average.

Price: 10 seeds for $90.00

Johnny Blaze

An Original "Neville's Haze" female crossed with a slightly sativa-leaning Blueberry male. The "Haze" has a green-citrus bouquet with borderline woody undertones, while the Blueberry male adds a sweet-fruity flavor. Due to the genetic difference between the "Neville's Haze" female and the "Blueberry" male (both considered a P1 generation in this cross) Legends anticipates a uniform f1 hybrid from the cross along with very healthy hybrid vigor (high yield potential). Also, the f2's (and beyond) crossed from these f1's will probably prove very diverse. A party just waiting to happen!

Price: 10 seeds for $85.00

The Red Eyed Bride

Brought to you from the depths of the legendary Swiss breeding facility, we present to you the Red Eyed Bride. An excellent sea of green producer which has the resin coverage that we all dream of , and a high that is more of a trippy sativa than itís Indica dominant appearance. 100 of these seeds were received as a wedding gift in 2001 and we have decided that an open pollination of the final 30 were necessary to preserve and share these incredible genetics with the world. Choose wisely and you may not only find a mother, but a bride.
Price: 10 seeds for $80.00

Sweet Skunk Feminized

The original cut from Spice of Life seeds circa 1994, Feminized and in its pure form, has been released for the first time for you to judge for yourself. This is the elite clone that has been the all time favorite for sativa and hash lovers alike throughout BC for over a decade. A unique flavour and odor that is unforgettable to any that have tried it, this girl is blessed with some of the most concentrated trichromes you will ever encounter. A soaring sativa high that is not for the unseasoned smoker, she produces full melt water hash or golden odorific dry sieve that will impress any cannaseur of fine resins. The flowers possess excellent aging properties, concentrating their flavours and evolving when properly cured. Being a mostly sativa plant indoor growers should be aware of the prominent stretch that it will encounter in its first 4 weeks of flowering, Pruning is recommended for wider style plants, excellent indoors, outdoors in warmer climates, or in greenhouse environments. Depending on preferences and conditions, you should expect her to flower for 10-12 weeks. Yield: above average. Unparalleled potency and flavour. Indoor flowering 10 to 12 weeks
Price: 10 seeds for $170.00

Ultimate Indica

Indica The "Ultimate Indica" is a combination of our two most favorite indica's. This F1 hybrid was mothered by a previously unreleased Ortega plant from California. The Ortega's heavy indica traits shone through with its tight buds and extremely stoney finish. The father, a second backcross Sweet Tooth from Spice of Life Seeds, adds the sweet and pungent flavor Breeder Steve strains are know for. Indoors flowering 7-8 weeks. Harvest Outdoors: Late Sept.
Price: 10 seeds for $100.00

Toe Jam (Cheese x Flo)

Another Joint Project with DJ Short, This is a very limited edition selection released to the public for the first time. The Cheese has been floating around the world after being selected from the Skunk line in the UK. This fine specimen is resin coated and flavour loaded, really smelling of some finely aged cheese. She is a good candidate for indoor growers using the SCROG technique as well as small bushes outdoors where smell is not an issue. Excellent producer of connoisseur quality buds or of dry sifted resin which truly keeps its unique characteristics throughout the curing process. Indoor flowering 55-70 days
Price: 10 seeds for $80.00


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