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Skunk XXX

Stable 3-way Hybrid from the Skunk Corral

Price: 20 marihuana seeds for $90.00

Afghani Kush

Classic Afghan with a reliable Kush bottom

Price: 20 seeds for $120.00

Big Fatty XXXL (Chronic)

Flowering: 8 weeks

Northern Lights x Big Bud x Northern Lights x Northern Lights.
This double back cross meets Buster Blood vessels requirements.

Price: 20 marijuana seeds for $180.00

Closet Queen (NL#2)

Pure Northern Lights when every inch counts

Price: 20 seeds for $150.00

Kal-X (Outdoor/Indoor)

Flowering: 60 days

Afghani/Skunk x Hash Plant

Price: 20 cannabis seeds for $180.00

Kwiksilver (Outdoor)

Flowering: Mid September

South African x Afghani.
Designed for comfort, built for speed.
Mold Resistant.

Price: 20 seeds for $120.00

Lazy Boy (NL X SK X NL)

For those who like to grow but hate to manicure, this is a dream plant!

Price: 20 seeds for $180.00

OG 13b (G-13 x SK #1)

US Government engineering and New World genetics

Price: 20 seeds for $90.00

Puna Budder

Flowering: 53-60 days

Looking for something exotic?
Superior Hawaiian genetics dominate the plants appearance, smell, and taste.
Stable Afghan lines smooth out the flowering time frame, making this an ideal plant.

Price: 20 seeds for $180.00

Purple Royal (Purple Power x Afghan)

The perfect kind of bud in the color of Kings.

Price: 20 seeds for $120.00

Sage x Big Bud x Holyweed

Price: 20 seeds for $200.00

Skatalite Delight(Haze I x Kwiksilver)

Legendary Haze flavor is the bands favorite, just ask Loyd.

Price: 20 seeds for $150.00

Akorn(aka Snowbud)

Flowering: 55-60 days
Yield 400-500gm

Mostly Indica.
From the great north-west, orginally brought over in 1995.
The name Acorn is because of its hard finished structure with tight colas. A great producer. Also called Snowbud because of its incredible resin production. "High".

Price: 20 seeds for $140.00 Chocolate Chunk

Flowering: 55-60 days
Yield 350-400gm

Definite Kush. Thick leaves and fat dense buds. Easy to grow due to quick flowering -time and singe cola growth pattern. Great for sea of green.

Price: 20 seeds for $160.00 The Hog

Flowering: 58 days
Yield 400gm

Hindu Kush x Afghani
Indica at 2002 HT Cannabis Cup. Short stature, above-average yield, knock-out stone. Height 90-110 cm.

Price: 20 canabis seeds for $330.00 Heavy Duty Fruity

Flowering: 60-65 days
Yield 400-600gm

monstrous, huge producer with giant colas. The best indoor producer we have. Ideal for planted 20-30 per sq.m. but beware this plant has a great smell!

Price: 20 seeds for $190.00


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