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Soma is a 52 year old Rastafarian who is spiritually dedicated to the Sacred cannabis plant. He has been working with the plant for 35 years. He wears pants and shirts made out of it, smokes it constantly, he has a prescription for 10 grams a day, and studies every aspect of the marijuana phenomenon. The only problem is the art of cannabis has been recently lost to mankind, it has been lied about, it has been suppressed, it has come close to genocide and the fear factor for this safest of substances has been blown totally out of proportion. Soma Seeds plans on changing the direction a few things are going these days. First of all Soma Seeds is an earth friendly business striving to think of earth first in the business that we create. We grow our seeds biologically, we let our hearts guide us with the plants, not calendars, not money, not power trips, but a sacredness, a vibration of mutual trust, an exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, a friendship. Soma Seeds focus's on the medicinal side of cannabis, constantly striving to find better and better genetics to be used in a medicinal way. Medicinal cannabis has to be grown in a manner where the end product is truly going to make the patient feel better, not full of pesticides, poisons, and money vibes. Our seeds are tested constantly for their germination quality.

Big Kahuna

Big Bud x Skunk #1 x Afghani Hawaiian Good plant for the first time grower

Price: 10 seeds for $210.00
Big Kahuna cannabis picture

Buddha's Sister(in/out)

Mostly Indica. Tall and lanky. Tends to make lots of side branches, so she is better to grow as a multi-branch plant instead of in a sea of green. Mold resistant, tart cherry smell and taste.

Price: 15 seeds for $220.00
Buddha's Sister cannabis picture

Haze Heaven(indoor/outdoor)

Flowering: 10-11 weeks

Mostly Sativa Northern Lights #5 x Haze x Afghani hawaiian. A Haze that doesn't take as long to finish as most others.
Yield 40 grams

Price: 15 seeds for $320.00 all female
Haze Heaven picture

NYC Diesel(indoor/outdoor)

mostly Sativa. A Mexican Sativa crossed with an Afghani 3rd place 2002 high Times Cannabis Cup. Exotic taste and high. Yield 400-450 grams

Price: 15 seeds for $330.00

NYC Diesel marijuana picture

Reclining Buddha(all female)

All female Mostly Indica

Combines holland's Hope with Super Skunk and Big Skunk Korean. Mold resistant, clone nodal structure.

Price: 15 seeds for $310.00

Rock Bud all female

Flowering: 8 weeks

Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Afghani x Afghani/ Hawaiian. Short to medium height
Bushy structure, dense buds. Yield makes this one for connoisseurs rather than commercial. Relaxing. comtemplative buzz
Mold Resistant.

Price: 15 seeds for $310.00
rockbud picture


Blends the multiple hybrid Jack Herer with Big Skunk Korean and Super Skunk Fruitest of all Soma's strains

Price: 15 seeds for $210.00
Somango picture

Amethyst Bud : Indoor/Outdoor indica. Super skunk/Big Skunk Korean/Jack Herer. Amethyst Bud is a mix of Lavender Bud and Afghani Hawaiian so the dark purple color from the purple Kush part of it's genetics comes through. This bud is on the smaller side but more of them and they are quite dense with many THC crystals visible with the naked eye. The smell is strong and pungent with a good high for relaxing with a good friend. Leaves a delicious taste in your mouth. When it looks like it's ready wait a week. Flowering time 9-10 weeks Yield 25-35 grams
Price: 15 seeds for $240.00
amethystbud picture

Free Tibet : Indoor/Outdoor mostly indica. BREEDING Tibetan/Afghani-Hawaiian Free Tibet the first and only strain using this name beware of imitations as far as this strain goes there are imitations out there. The authentic Free Tibet is a mix of Nepalese hash plant and Afghani Hawaiian, and has a very pungent odor. The taste is exotic and a high that's a favorite with many of my close friends. It makes strong side branches so it needs some room to grow. The main stalk is quite sturdy. Good for outside in cold climates. Flowering time 9 weeks Yield 15-20 grams Flowering time 9-10 weeks Yield 25-35 grams
Price: 15 seeds for $240.00
Free Tibet cannabis pic

Lavender : Indoor/Outdoor
mostly indica. Super skunk/Big Skunk Korean/Afghani-Hawaiian. Soma #10 brings together a world of weed. Strains with histories that traverse Afghanistan, Hawaii, Korea, the U.S, and Europe are all melded together in this 3-way cross. An exotic looking strain, Soma #10 develops the darkest purple coloration you can imagine. The color is intense, with the leaves turning nearly to black at the ends, they are so deeply saturated with color. The extra dense buds give off a sensually spicy smell akin to Afghani hash. The high calyx to leaf ratio and the legginess of this plant make for simplified manicuring. Flowering time 8-9 weeks Yield 12-15 grams
Price: 15 seeds for $240.00
lavender picture

Kahuna Super Skunk/Big Skunk Korean/Jack Herer/Afghani Hawaiian. One of Soma's favorite strains, Kahuna is a 4-way cross that brings together a wide set of influences for a complex high. Soma recently renamed his Soma #9 strain Kahuna, which is a Hawaiian title for a religious or spiritual leader that literally means "Keeper of the Secret." The Kahuna variety has both tropical influences in its parentage, and spiritually attuning effects when used. Flowering time 9 10 weeks Yield 25 30 grams
Price: 15 seeds for $240.00
Kahuna marijuana pic


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