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Enterprise Magic Mushroom Kit

Introducing the Enterprise Magic Mushroom Kit!
Magic mushroom kit only takes 2-4 weeks
Yields 4-6lbs initially tells you how to do it forever!
The easiest and most idiot friendly magic mushroom kit on the market.
This kit includes everything any Ferengie, Human or Alien might need.

We at Enterprise set out to create an easy home quarters mushroom kit for all those Aliens out there who want to make their own magic mushrooms at home.

This mushroom kit helps in cutting out the middle man and making a little Latinum on the side.
The harvest you will reap from it will allow to create your own Holodeck in your mind...
Unlike other mushroom kits, this shroom kit allows you to grow a continuous supply of magic mushrooms indefinitely, or at least until the Borg have assimilated Earth.

Buy your kit at this special, incredibly low, low price!

The Enterprise Mushroom Kit includes:

Magic mushroom grow video - A complete explanation of making magic mushrooms from scratch.
After completing the kit you can do another magic mushroom cycle again and again.

Vulcan Mushroom Soil - A special mix of PH buffered soil.

Betazoid Straw - Organic wheat straw in special cloth sack.

Borg Spawn - Six litres of Magic Mushroom spawning mycelium custom cubensis strain selected for potency & yield.

Captain Kirk Mushroom Growing Chamber - Especially Created Unique RubberMade Hard Plasticd Grow Container

Cardassian Secret Recipe - Includes a mix of hormones and vitamins specially formulated to maximize your yield.

Q's Thoughts - Includes detailed written grow instructions.

Price: $159.00 Latinum
Our jumbo magic mushroom kit is $399.00 it produces 18lbs!
We also have the ultimate magic mushroom kit for $1699.00 it produces 220lbs!

The kit comes with spawn now when you go to the nursery which do you think would be the better value a seed or large live healthy plant well with our kit you get a large live healthy container of spawn where as other kits give you spores which is like a seed it takes quite a while until you get a plant with many dangers along the way.

We ship to the USA, Canada & Worldwide and Guarantee delivery!

Unlike others we have been business since 1994 We love our customers!
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The 50th rule of acquisition says every Ferengie needs a Enterprise magic mushroom kit!
Spore kits versus Borg Spawn


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