Mr. Nice Seeds

Mr. Nice Walkabout

Flowering: mixed
Height : mixed

A selection of mixed outdoor varities with all genetics of supreme sources including Thai Haze, India, early skunks, Mexicans and New guninea.
Highly recommended for those in need of a Walkabout(the calling of the inner soul). A guaranteed recipe for outdoors or greenhouse cultivators
with a range of early finishes and a few late flowers
Price: 10 seeds for $45.00

Mr. Nice Shit

An absolute classic and orgianl Skunk/Afghani that has won many awards.
It is a sure-bet for first time cultivators of interior, exterior or glasshouse grown plants.
The yield will be extrenely substantial, with expectations between 550-650 grams per square meter.
The finishing time will be within 45 days of the flowering's first appearance on the plant.
Expect harvest in late September to early October in the northern hemisphere and in the southern hemisphere by the end of April.
A proven true breed sine the 80's that changed the growers world. Also known as the orginal Skunk #1.

Price: 10 seeds for $70.00

Mr. Nice Devil

Flowering: 8-10 weeks
Yield : 500-600 grams

The definitive plant for those interested in outdoor/greenhouses. Due to its Afghani pedigree, taste, reddish aura, and magical mind journey tendencies
this plant provides quite a wonderful therapy. No one can be unhappy possessing the nice devil( and a righteous one at that)
It has a genetic make-up of Afghan x Afghan/Skunk and shows initail slow growth until it has an established root ball.
Then watch-out, brothers and sisters! Expect to finish the plant in the Northern Hemisphere by October and the Southern Hemisphere by June/July.
Indoors 8-10 weeks with a yield expected of at least 450-550 grams per square metre.
Definitely recommended for first time growers. Go on, be a devil and use those horns.
Price: 10 seeds for $105.00

Mr. Nice Dreamtime

Flowering: 8-10 weeks
Yield: 380-550 grams/sq. meter

A selection of mixed indoor varieties of excellent parenteage including Skunk, NL, Haze, And afghan.
Highly recommended for the first time grower or those that search for an economic solution to their problems.
Guaranteed to turn the consumer on and personally recommended.
Go forth into the dreamtime, anytime. It won the Spanish cannabis Cup in Basque Country in 2000
Price: 10 seeds for $70

Mr. Nice Shark Shock

Flowering: 40-45 day
Yield: 500-600 grams/sq. meter

This is definitely the most successful breed of the late 90's(since its inaugaration as Great White Shark)
Price: 10 seeds for $70

Mr. Nice Early Queen

Flowering: 6-8 weeks

Since the beginning of the 1990's this three way hybrid has earnt acclaim in the cultivators world.
It is quick to finish both indoors and outdoors and is, therefore, perfect for cold climate countries in the northern hemisphere.
The flowering cycle is expected to be between 6-8weeks with indoor cultivation.
Expect harvest time in the northern hemisphere as early as September and in the outhern hemisphere by March.
The yields will surprise the victims. The genetic compostion of this breed stems from early californian blends mixed with a touch of Mexican
Basically Early Pearl x Early Girl x Super Skunk is the 3 way parentage. Expect a yield of between 600-650 grams per m2.
So signor cultivator, enjoy your Early Queen and her fruits like a happy farmer should really early, really juicy and the real thing

Price: 10 seeds for $90.00
Mr. Nice Spice

Flowering: 7-9 weeks
Yield: 480-600 grams/sq. meter

She is bubbling with rapid growth and well endowed as her name suggests. Her pedigree has blossomed out of the union
of a Hawaiian indica x Hawaiian sativa and is a stable hybrid that no curry eater can live without.
Don't knock our nice Spice until you have grown her to maturity. We have created our own Nice Spice and boy, can she shake it!
Outdoors in the northern hemisphere harbest by october, and in the southern hemisphere by May. Ne warned of the kick that Spice gives
not to mention the mouth watering casscade of exotic fruit tastes. Enjoy growing together.
Price: 10 seeds for $110

Mr. Nice Critical Mass

Flowering: 45-55 days
Yield: 650 -750 grams/sq. meter

A reworked excellent version of an old breed once known as Big Bud. this is an absolute must for the cultivator who demands a high yield
with an equally high stone. It is the heaviest plant currently in production for commercial farmers and outdoor crops and resembles
the male genital protrusion of a giant donkey. Due t its heavy flower construction it can be susceptible to mould if the growing area is too humid
So be warned, and harvest on time. It has a genetic pedigree orginating from a particularly heavy Afghani combined with the orginal Skunk #1.
If cultivated outdoors, expect harvest in Spetember for the northern hemisphere and by March in the southern hemisphere.
Price: 10 seeds for $130

Mr. Nice Black Widow

Flowering: 8-10 weeks
Yield: 350-450 grams/sq. meter

The most infamous strain that since 1994 has won a number of awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995, and has acquired acclaim
from ost corners of the globe - rightly so. It gave the big jump in natural levels of THC found on the plant. It has a pedigree of parentage
that combines a Brazilian Sativa with a South Indian Hybrid. Basically, it is White Widow changing its colours like its company.
It will seem evident to the cultivator that this species needs slightly more attention to achieve the expected results.
For indoor methods the grower will find that 8-10 weeks of flowering will be necessary to realise the immense resin production.
In the northern hemisphere expect harvest around mid to late October, having planted as late as June.
However, there is a chance that rain could reduce the expected yield. Be warned
This is the orginal true blue champion that began a whole new wave of breeds before its consumed its partners.
A great breed to use in experimental strains for the laymen! Use the male.
Price: 10 seeds for $130

Mr. Nice Medicine Man

Flowering: 56-60 days
Yield: 600 grams/sq. meter

A proven medical marvel for those in need of high levels of the most active ingredient, THC
Almost toxic at times, so handle with care: don't abuse the medicine-man. It has won many awards
since its introduction as the White Rhino in the late 90's. An incredible strong genetic heritage stemming
from a Brazilan sativa/south Indian hybrid combined with a prodigious-yielding Afghani.
It is a member of the White Widow family and a proven champion for the sick and terminally ill patients.
Those who prefer indoors can expect an incredibly resinous and compact Indica appearance from this plant.
It has an expected flowering time of 56 to 60 days. Outdoor growers in the northern hemisphere can expect harvest around October
southern hemisphere by May. A must for those who like to sedate their outspoken fellow users.
Price: 10 seeds for $160

Mr. Nice La Nina

Flowering: 8-10 weeks
Yield: 450-550 grams/sq. meter

A family member that had previously been kept private for The family.
Strongly related to El Nino ( Bio Cup 98 HTCC) La Nina manifests characteristics that are predictable
contrary to her name's implication. She has a genetic compostion of Haze x White Widow making her an
inevitable candidate for a hot love story with her consumer. Expect her to bare her voluptous resinous fruits
In the northern hemisphere expect harvest by september in the southern hemisphere by April Life will never be tame again
Price: 10 seeds for $160

Mr. Nice Super Silver Haze

Flowering: 8-10 weeks
Yield: 450-550 grams/sq. meter

A champion of champions sice winning its hat-trick at the 1997, 1998 and 1999 High Times Cannabis Cups and comprising the most
commercial strains known to the incivilized world: Skunk, NL and Haze. Such achievements confer and undoubtedly regal pedigree
Its an excellent breed for those who wish to possess the stash of stashes and leves one gasping for reality.
In the northern hemisphere completion date by late October in the southern hemisphere late May
This complex hybrid is in the cutting edge in practical Haze hybrids, designed to asound the grower and consumer alike.
This variety is quite resistant to mould and can harvested later when all else have finished.
Price: 10 seeds for $230


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