Our Mission Statement

Our focus is medical marijuana patients. We would like our web site to pay attention to medical patients particular needs. We will strive for the best marijuana seed site in the world. We place our customer satisfaction as a #1 requirement of our company.

We reach that goal by our three part guarantee:
1) Strain variety
2) Fifty percent female seeds and 100% germination of seeds.
3) Only selling stabilized, proven seed varieties.

We believe the customer is right, not the other way around.

We work very hard to raise money to help medical marijuana patients in our neighborhood. We also look towards online customer support to help us reach this goal. If a customer has any trouble in growing their plants they may contact our online grow experts to help them.

Please note: If you purchase low quality seeds from a unreputable source, your seeds may be instable, this could lead to not only varying results, but also hermaphrodite plants (plants that have both sexes on the same plant). This will ruin your crop as the female part of the plant will be fertilized by the male part.

If you do not want to order seeds in your name please use a name that will serve as a code for you to identify your order.

You may also purchase "Interchangeable Gift Certificates" via one of our sister companies through the mail.

Visit Y2K Supplies

This allows you to purchase a gift certificate through "Y2K Supplies" and use it towards your purchase of our seeds.

Medical marijuana seeds is a Canadian company so please check your local laws and regulations before ordering.

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