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All magic mushroom kit and marijuana seed prices are in Canadian funds, if you pay in American funds you will receive much blessing.

We accept cash, certified cheques, bank drafts or money orders.

Update! Peyote tea and grow kits are available now $50.00. For every order over $200.00 we will add to your shipment a *FREE* bottle of Sensi Soak!
Sensi Soak will increase your percentage of female marijuana seeds germination by up to 95%!
A $39.95 value.

For every order over $300.00 we will also add to your shipment a *FREE* Grow Video.

You can also order these products seperately by emailing us, or adding it to your order on our order form.

All marijuana seeds are indoor varieties unless otherwise specified.
Please add a $10 dollar shipping and handling fee to your total, however, if you order multiple items and the shipping and handling fee is still $10!
We now have over 100 strains of all female cannabis seeds!
All marijuana seeds are offered in packets of twenty unless specified otherwise

marijauna seeds

Germination will be 75%-100%
We guaranteed 50% germination, and 50% of the plants will be female.
Select few marijuana seed companies offer a majority of marijuana seed females.

Although some cannabis strains are heavier yielders than others, your yield ultimately depends more on your lighting than weed genetics.

Price is more a measure of uniformity and stability than a measure of quality, yield or potency.
Different marijuana seed companies do varying amounts of work on their strains and some are able to present "stabilized hybrids" and "true breeding strains".
With the higher priced varieties you should expect all of the plants to be similar to one another, giving you the best choice for "Mother Plants".
The lower priced varieties will be less stable, meaning that there will be more variation between different plants, representing a wider range within the marijauna hybrid.

Remember, these prices are in Canadian dollars. That means that if the listed price is $220, the price in American funds is only $220!

marijauna seed

We use low, medium and high ratings for our marijuana yield categories.
Other seed companies rate yield amounts to the gram, we believe the yield amount depends more on growing conditions then the genetics of a marijuana plant.
An experienced grower can harvest larger amounts from a low yield marijuana plant, than a beginner can harvest from a high yield marijuana plant.
Clones are all fully rooted in peat pellets or rockwool email if you have any questions
For information on specific disorders which marijuana is helpfulclick here
We have a free seed offer where all medical marijuana patients
Can send in $10 for shipping for a free pack of Afghani seeds
We can custom ship directly from europe if requested. Updated April 9th 2016

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marijuana seeds