Through an agreement with a large seed supplier we can now offer even more varieties of Holland's famous seeds, many of which have been Cannabis Cup winners. These are the seeds that devoted growers seek!

Amsterdam Flame

Mostly indica her wonderful high and soft subtle taste carries us like a summer breeze telling tales of mysteries.

Flower 50-55 days 400-450g per m uield 500g outdoors 3rd week Oct. Price: 10 seeds for $100.00

Dutch Dragon

Flowering: 60-65 days
Height: 100-130 cm
Yield: Up to 450 grams per m 600g outdoors middle Oct

Genetics: Mostly Sativa with a touch of Indica.
High Yields and superb quality on long sticky colas .
A spectacular plant for indoor and outdoor growing
She has a sweet taste and strong potency, she is a favorite to many smokers

Price: 10 seeds for $120.00

Durga Mata

Flowering: 50-55 days
Yield: 400-450g per m beginning Oct Outside 500g

This Indica is a cross of 2 Super Shiva's
This plant has been specifically selected for itsextremely high THC content.
Mind-Blowing has a unique aroma and herbal spice flavour very easy to grow

Price: 10 seeds for $160.00

Nebula Starcloud

Flowering: middle of October outside 56-62 days indoors
Yield: 450-500g indoors 500-600g outdoors

Genetics: Slightly more Sativa(Haze), than Indica.
This plant is covered with twinkling shiny THC glands
She is gets you into the realm of space transdental in nature
She takes you far beyond your grasp

Price: 10 seeds for $180.00


55-60 days flower 400-450g yield beg Oct outside 400g yield

cross of superskunk 60% Sativa and 40% Indica compact orange buds

hallucinogenic high very tight buds Price: 10 seeds for $120.00

Sensi Star

Flowering: 55-60 days beg Oct
Yield: 350-400g indoor 400g outdoors

One of the strongest Indica's you will ever encounter
First Prize Winner at both the Highlife Cup 1999 and Bio Indoors Cannabis Cup '99
She produces pwerful compact buds crowned with legendary amounts of resin.
She is one the worlds finest cannabis strains the new srandard in growing

Price: 10 seeds for $220.00


Flowering: 56-60 days mid Oct outside
Yield: 350-400grams

Her mother is a true Afghan Queen, mostly sativa
She has the depths of Hindu Kush and the soaring highs of the far East
She has a heavy musk like sweetness

Price: 10 seeds for $160.00


Flowering: September
Yield: 350-400grams

Variety: Mostly indica
Harvest Date: September
Flowering Period: 8 weeks
THC Content: 16-20%
Characteristics: Compact buds.
Rox is named for her hard, dense buds, green rocks of plant matter that are coated in resin. This plant is well adapted to colder regions.
A strong mold-resistance means Rox can grow outside in rainy climates like Holland.
It is not the largest of plants, but definitely one of the most solid, even so that the rain washes off.
Although the yield is a bit lower then on some other varieties, the buds smaller in size have more weight then you would expect first.
The taste and potency definitely makes up for the size of it!
These hard nuggets are a pleasure to smoke, with a gorgeous smell and tangy, fruity aroma as fresh and sweet as strawberry-mint!
The high has a ‘feelgood’ effect on the body and soul. It hits you immediately and can sometimes be quite overwhelming in its take-off.
Not a 9 to 5 smoke, Rox has an energetic and direct effect, which makes it an excellent party smoke.
Price: 10 seeds for $98.00


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