Greenhouse Seeds

Neville's Haze

Flowering: 14 weeks
Height : average

Almost pure haze, crossed with a hint of Northern Lights
Not for the novice smoker or grower
Yields are suprisingly good = the longer flower time compensated for larger yields

Price: 10 seeds for $415.00

Super Silver Haze

Price: 10 seeds for $340.00

White Rhino

Flowering: 8-10 weeks
Yield : 500-600 grams

This White Widow crossed with an Afghani, took 2nd place at the '96 Cannabis Cup.
The Afghani fattens up the Widow, with tons of resin. Very strong, full-bodied smoke, good for medicinal
Vegetative time: 2-4 weeks in pots and 2 weeks in hydro.

Price: 10 seeds for $240.00

White Widow

Flowering: 8 weeks
Yield: 350-450 grams/sq. meter

The Widow is a 60:40 Sativa to Indica hybrid, coming from Brazilan and South Indian strains
The Greenhouse took 1st place in Bio at the '95 Cannabis Cup with this girl.
Very potent smoke, tons of resin, making the plant look like it just snowed!
Vegetative time: at least 2-4 weeks.
Harvest outdoor End of Oct.

Price: 10 seeds for $210

El Nino

Flowering: 8-9 weeks

It won 1st place Bio at the '99 Cannabis Cup
Yield 450 grams per sq. meter.
Harvest outdoor end of sept.
Has a unique Oriental aroma and spiritual high.

Price: 10 seeds for $240.00
Arjan's Haze #1

Flowering: 11 weeks

Northern Hemisphere finish mid october in southern hemisphere may
Cannabis cup winner

Price: 15 seeds for $280.00


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