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Info "Feminized Seeds"
In an experiment done in 1999 we grew 15 varieties of "feminized" seeds. We started with 30 seeds per variety. The goals were: 1) to determine the percentages of female, male, and hermaphroditic plants. 2) to compare the uniformity (homogeneity) among plants from "feminized" seeds with those grown from "regular" seeds.

1. The results were excellent. Nine out of fifteen varieties had 100% female offspring. Percentages of female plants from the other 6 varieties were between 80 and 90%. These plants were all hermaphrodites, producing their male flowers at the end of their lifecycle. Seed-setting hardly took place. No males were found.
2. Approximately 70% of the plants of varieties grown from "feminized" seeds were far more uniform than plants grown from "regular" seeds of the same variety. About 20% of the varieties were a little more uniform, while in 10% of the varieties no difference in uniformity was seen.
From literature and our own findings it appears that the growth of a male or female plant from seed, except for the predisposition in the gender chromosomes, also depends on various environmental factors. The environmental factors that influence gender are:
a higher nitrogen concentration will give more females.
a higher potassium concentration will give more males.
a higher humidity will give more females.
a lower temperature will give more females.
more blue light will give more females.
Fewer hours of light will give more females. It is important to start these changes at the three-pairs-of-leaves stage and continue for two or three weeks, before reverting to standard conditions.
To produce our feminized seeds, we start with selected female clones. Under standard conditions these female clones do not produce any male flowers. By the method we found, we are able to have these female clones produce abundant male flowers and pollen. The pollen thus produced we use for the production of our "feminized" seeds.
Below you will find the varieties Feminised Cannabis Seeds. All varieties below are in stock.

Amstel Gold (Outdoor)

Amstel Gold is an Indica variety developed in
California in the seventies, and has been grown outdoors in
Holland since 1980. Smokes soft with a citrus-like aroma and
has a good high. Easy to grow, grows with long compact resinous
buds. One of the best green outdoor variaties worldwide.

THC = 18.6%, CBD < 0.1%
Flowering period: 6 weeks
Price: 10 seeds for $160.00

Purple #1

A strong plant (50% Indica, 50% Sativa), easy to grow.
Purple Afghan seeds have been crossed in Holland with Indica
and Sativa varieties since 1983. The plants are fully adapted
to the Dutch climate and have a respectable yield.
This variety has calyxes that turn purple, starting at the
beginning of flowering. Up to 90% of the plants turn purple.
Has a rough but subtle aroma and a very good high.

Flowering period: 8 weeks
Harvest time outdoor: 2nd half of Sept., 1st week of Oct.
Price: 10 seeds for $175.00

Purple #1 picture

Voodoo (Outdoor/Greenhouse)

We developed Voodoo, a green strain, from Thai parents in 1997.
The Thai parents had already been grown in Holland for years.
A very strong plant with long, thick buds.
Has a Thai aroma and a clear, fresh smell.
Sativa high, very productive.

THC = 8.2%, CBD < 0.1%

Flowering period: 7 weeks
Price: 10 seeds for $175.00

Voodoo picture
KC-33 (Outdoor) Khola

A "high" scoring, recently developed variety.
Developed from Thai and Brazilian strains and crossed with an early Dutch strain.
Originally developed for outdoors.

THC 7.6%, CBD 0.2%

Flowering period: 7 - 10 weeks
Harvest time outdoor: 2nd week of Sept
Price: 10 seeds for $240.00

Khola picture

Durban Poison (Outdoor/Indoor)

Imported from South Africa, produced in Holland.
Exclusively inbred, never hybridized, 100% Sativa.
Large long budleaves, buds are also large and long with lots of
resin. A sweet licorice or anise flavor. "Up" high similar to Thai.
High yields. Well suited for outcrossing with late bloomers to
produce earlier flowering. Also does very well under artificial
light. A very popular variety.

THC = 8.6%, CBD = 0.3%

Flowering period: 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest time outdoor: end of Sept.
Price: 10 seeds for $220.00

Durban Poison picture

Ultra Skunk

In our Swiss experiment, we flowered several Dutch and Swiss Skunk
clones and several Skunk seed varieties. The goal was to select
the best possible Skunk. By hybridizing the best two Skunks,
we created Ultra Skunk, a very homogenous variety. Thick buds with
beautiful wooly pistils. The taste is sweet, soft and fruity.
The resulting high is up, soft but lasting.

Flowering period: 7 - 9 weeks

Price: 10 seeds for
$175.00 Ultra Skunk picture

1st price "High Times Cup" 2000
3rd price "High Times Cup" 2001

Our Original Blueberry is a mostly Indica (80% Indica, 20% Sativa)
strain, that dates to the late 1970īs. A large producer under
optimum conditions. A dense and stout plant with red, purple and
finally blue hues, that usually cure to a lavender blue.
The finished product has a very fruity aroma and taste of blueberry.
It produces a notable and pleasantly euphoric high of the highest
quality and is very long-lasting. Medium to large calyxes.
"Blueberry" has a long shelf life.

THC = 19.5%, CBD < 0.1%

Flowering period: 8 - 10 weeks
Blueberry picture Price: 10 seeds for $325.00


We only produce this variety in its feminized form.
In this way the connoisseur is guaranteed absolutely premium
Sativa seeds. This variety has been selected from Seed Bank
genetics. A female mother plant was chosen from among 50 female
plants grown from seed. After cloning this female, different
clones were treated to produce abundant female pollen.
By fertilizing other clones (backcrossing), feminized seeds were
produced. Growing marijuana seeds in this way guarantees offspring that are
far more homogenous and powerful than offspring from seeds produced
in the regular manner. Mostly Sativa, with a clear Haze influence.
First class high. Branches bow down at the end of the lifecycle
of the plant, due to the weight of the buds.

Flowering period: 9 weeks

Price: 10 seeds for $325.00

Isis picture

Green Spirit

Green Spirit is a hybrid of Big Bud and Skunk #1.
We made this hybrid because Big Bud itself is not a
very consistent strain, with very big differences among
individual plants. By crossing Big Bud and Skunk #1,
Green Spirit became quite homogeneous. Good results under
artificial lights. Clear and strong high. The plants have
an explosive flowering and are extremely resinous. Very high yield.
THC = 5.9%, CBD < 0.1%
Price: 10 seeds for $285.00

Green Spirit picture

Hempstar (Outdoor/Greenhouse)

This variety was strongly improved in 1998, a breakthrough in
the development of this variety. A sturdy plant with the power
and yield of the famous Northern Lights #5. Hybridized with the
best of our potent 100% Haze genetics. This variety has a solid,
strong long lasting "high", combined with a well balanced, soft
smoking experience. Good for bumper harvests. A perfect variety
to select clones from.
Flowering period: 7 - 9 weeks
Price: 10 seeds for $175.00

Hempstar picture


Original Flo is a Sativa/Indica cross (60% Sativa/ 40% Indica)
with very Sativa-phenotypic characteristics that also matures
very early. The large, tight, spear-shaped buds are made up of
small, densely packed purple calyxes. The plants are taller and
like to branch out. Indoors the buds are fully mature by the end
of their sixth week. "Flo" is ideal for greenhouse production.
The motivational "high" produced by "Flo" is quite unique; the
flavor is like Nepalese Temple Hash. A most pleasant and enjoyable
Price: 10 seeds for $240.00

Flo picture


A F1 cross between two different Hindu-kush strains.
Yield is high. Excellent taste and strong high.
One of our favorites.

Flowering period: 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest time outdoor: last week of Oct
masterkush picture Price: 10 seeds for $280.00

Mazari sharif

2nd price "High Times Cup" 1999
2nd price "Highlife Cup" 2002
This is an upgraded strain of our valued former Afghan/Skunk.
We improved the variety in 1997. The taste is softer than before
and we managed to improve on yield. The Afghani (Mazar-i-Shariff)
part is a very short Christmas tree-like plant, 100% Indica and
very resinous. The F1-cross with Skunk #1 gives the variety a
bigger yield and better taste. Very good "up" high. As both parents
are very consistent, the offspring are very consistent too.

THC = 19.5%, CBD < 0.1%
Price: 10 seeds for
$285.00 Mazar picture

One of our most popular varieties, Oasis is our Northern Lights #2
selection. A very strong plant, almost spidermite resistant.
Good yield, excellent taste and excellent "high".

THC = 12.3%, CBD < 0.1%

Flowering period: 8 - 9 weeks
Oasis picture Price: 10 seeds for $275.00

Passion #1

Passion #1 (Amstel Gold) is an Indica variety developed in California in the seventies,
and has been grown outdoors in Holland since 1980.
Smokes soft with a citrus-like aroma and has a good high.
Easy to grow, grows with long compact resinous buds.
One of the best green outdoor variaties worldwide.
THC = 18.6%, CBD < 0.1%
Flowering period: 6 weeks
Price: 10 seeds for $155.00

Passion #1 picture

Power Plant

Power Plant (mostly Sativa) was developed by us in 1997 from
new South African genetics. This strain has been inbred only,
never hybridized. Very rich in THC. It is a strain with an
enormous grow potential. Indoor as well as in a greenhouse
the plants have an enormous yield. Indoors flowering starts as
early as one week after turning back the light cycle to 12 hours.
Outdoor, flowering starts late, but the plants ripen very fast.
This variety is very uniform. Strong "up high", very soft smoke.

THC = 13.1%, CBD < 0.1%
Price: 10 seeds for $195.00

Power Plant picture


This is our former variety Purple/Skunk. This variety is a hybrid (F1) of Purple#1
and an early Skunk. About 50% of the plants turn purple during flowering.
The variety is 87,5% Sativa and 12,5% Indica.
THC = 13.7%, CBD = 0.4%
Price: 10 seeds for $160.00

Shaman picture

Skunk Passion

Skunk Passion is back. Developed from our 007 Skunk-line.
A surprising improvement. In smoke tests by our test team,
again and again praised for its special qualities.
This variety is mainly Sativa and will amaze you with its yield.
The buds are not especially hard, but are rich in glands and
equipped with many beautiful long hairs. Buds of 25 cm are no
exception. It takes 8 to 9 weeks to bloom, but your patience
will be richly rewarded. Guarantees a beautiful quality harvest.
The high is slowly rising , may take several hours, and diminishes
slowly after that. Recommended.

THC = 7.0%, CBD = 0.1%

Flowering period: 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest time outdoor: last week of Oct
Price: 10 seeds for $280.00

Skunk Passion picture

White Widow

The most acclaimed variety of recent years in Holland.
The plants are white with THC-glands, even on big parts of
the fan leaves. A very soft smoke and great "High".

THC = 18.9%, CBD < 0.1%
Flowering period: 8 weeks
white widow picture Price: 10 seeds for $320.00


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