Through an agreement with a large seed supplier we can now offer even more varieties of Holland's famous seeds, many of which have been Cannabis Cup winners. These are the seeds that devoted growers seek Welcome DNA Genetics!

Sharksbreath Seeds

Mostly indica With amazing flavor and smell and an outstanding buzz, the guys at DNA Genetics have done an excellent job in creating this very special plant.
The Sharksbreath is a highly potent strain. Short stout plants pack on frosty and very dense buds. A heavy feeder, good air flow is also required to prevent bud rot.
A great low odor variety for the grower wanting a special headstash.

Flower 50-55 days 400-450g per m uield 500g outdoors Oct. Price: 15 seeds for $160.00

ReCon Seeds

Flowering: 8-9 Weeks
Height: 100-130 cm

The possibilities here are endless! This seed came from an original L.A. Confidential. We don’t know how or what pollinated her but there were 3 seeds off one plant and the “Mutant” seed was the only “keeper”. The father Cannadential was chosen for its indica traits. There is plenty of magic in this cross for sure
Price: 15 seeds for $180.00

LA Confidential

Flowering: 50-55 days
Harvest Date: September/October

The high of this herb is psychedelic and energetic with a hammer.
There are two real phenotypes and they will both finish in 55-60 days.
One is a bit more hardy but both equal in effect.
With an incredible smell and unique L.A. flavor, DNA’s LA Confidential has won many awards including honors in the High Times Cannabis Cup Indica Category in 2004 & 2005.

Price: 15 seeds for $190.00

Rocklock Seeds

Flowering: 8 weeks
Variety: Mostly indica (80%)
Harvest Date: September/October

This plant is the perfect mix of heavy indicas finishing in 8 weeks.
Good for high density planting, large crystal covered buds and resin production.

Price: 15 seeds for $195.00

Martian Mean Green Seeds
Genetics: SharksBreath X G13 Haze
Variety: 60% Sativa
Harvest Date: October
Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks
Characteristics: Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2005 for Best Sativa.
The chances here of something special are without a doubt! This is the same G13 Haze male that was going around Holland a couple years back.
This was a male only situation due to only one seed cracking and it being male.
So here you will get many different varieties.
While growing these out there were some that finished in 9 weeks, but most were 10+ with one very hazy smelling plant going 12 weeks and still was cut early.

Price: 15 seeds for $194.00

Cannalope Haze Seeds

Genetics: Haze Brothers x Mexican Sativa
Variety: 100% Sativa
Harvest Date: October
Flowering Period: 9 weeks
Characteristics: Fast Flowering sativa
This perfect strain is the work of selection and a little luck. We found an 8 week wonder that lives up to all the controversy.
Amazing you may ask an 8 week sativa, but we say grow these out and find out for yourself the magic in this strain.
The bubble hash from the Cannalope is above average and the yield is good. The Cannalope can be mastered by experts and is a good teacher for beginners.
The taste is like melon with a hint of Haze.
Price: 15 seeds for $220.00

Sour Cream Seeds

Genetics: Original Sour Diesel x G13 Haze
Variety: 80% sativa
Harvest Date: October / November
Flowering Period: 10-12 weeks
Characteristics: Haze n’ sour
Another wonder here with the G13 male in the mix why anyone would pass this Up.
The best of both worlds, the classic Haze flavor mixed with Sour and the G13 yield.
This plant has an amazing mix of Haze n’ Sour!

Price: 15 seeds for $230.00

C-13 Haze Seeds

Genetics: Cannalope Haze X G13
Variety: 90% sativa
Harvest Date: October / November
Flowering Period: 10-11 weeks
Characteristics: Mostly sativa strain with indica-like buds
We used the Cannalope pheno “E” for this cross. We chose the female for her heavy haze smell. Also she takes a bit longer then the Cannalope (B) f2, finishing In 10-11+ weeks.
This girl is a strong one; a bit slower then the Cannalope to get going, but the payoff is a heavy haze, dense, dark buds. A and I could not decide on what pheno was better to backcross to the G13 father, the Cannalope “B” or “E”?
And after plenty of testing we still could not decide which one was better. A liked the heavy haze in the “E” and D liked the bud structure of the “B”. So it was decided…. we made both! Mostly Sativa with Indica nugs.
Price: 15 seeds for $248.00


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