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3D marijuana seeds

Genetics: Triple X crossed with Sour Diesel
Effect: Uplifting body high and it keeps you awake and the women want to get spiritual. Taste: Like a sweet little booty in 3D
Flowering indoor: 9-10 weeks, yield 800-900 gr / sqm Flowering outdoor: end of November
Price: 10 cannabis seeds for $149.00
3D Marijuana Seeds picture

ADHD marijuana seeds

Flowering: 45 days
Yield: Up to 125 grams

People suffering from ADD and ADHD have found some comfort with this strain. This strain has been under testing for over 2 years. ADHD is mainly Indica. Best suitable for indoor growing. A good medical strain. Plant height:short and stout 50-70cm Stoned or high: Good body high with a light mind
ADHD picture Price: 10 seeds for $169.00

Amnesia G 13 marijuana seeds

Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse; Type: mostly sativa; Flowering: ~77 days; No feminized seeds. This is NEW and improved Amnesia for all Sativa lovers. Amnesia is well known by Dutch growers cause it has amazing potency and fruit/spicy taste. Our allready potent Amnesia, multiple classic cupwinner phenotype, is improved with our very potent G13 male. Long trichomes variety, big colas and airly buds. Bubble hash of Amnesia G13 is the best what we smoke, save all trimmings and you will be surprised with your hash potency. Low nutrients required strain with good mold resistance but you should care if grow her above 50° North latitude. For all outside growers from 25° North to 40° North latitude, topping after 5th node is recommended so multi branching colas is something what you can expect. Already good feedbacks launching this cross on the top of Sativa genetics list. Once you try Amnesia G13 you will forget any other Amnesia except Amnesia G13. Parentage: Amnesia, G13 Possible yield: Inside 23-29 grams per plant by multi planting but big pots can give you about 100 grams per plant. Outside growers can expect 400 grams per plant of dried buds. Flowering: This strain is one of the long flowering variety with truly potency after 11 weeks, but you can also find phenotype who need just 9 weeks. Outside, Amnesia G13 will finish after second week of October. Flowering Time Indoor: Between 68 an 82 days (Average: 75 days.) Growth Behavior: Like a christmas tree Side Branches: a great many; long as well as above average strongness. The plants of this Cannabis-Strain... ...can be placed close together. not need much care. ...are susceptible to mold. ...have no problems with high temperatures. ...looks and grow more like a Sativa. ...are well suited for very low growrooms. ...are well suited for a ScroG (Screen of Green). ...are a good choice for beginners. ...are a good choice for commercial cultivation. Harvest, Yield, Taste, Aroma, strength and effectiveness Yield / Quantity (Indoor): The crop of this strain is very high. Bud Structure (Indoor): The dried buds are hard and compact. Strength / Lasting Effect: The weed insane strong and very long lasting. Tolerance Built: extremely slow tolerance education. The taste / flavour of this variety recalls onto / is... Lemon; Spice; Sweat; Tropical
Amnesia G13 picture Price: 15 marijuana seeds for $229.00

Angel Dust seeds

AngelDust is the best medical strain we have found so far. She has been tested on Cancer and Lupus patients. Found to give a good safe relaxing feeling with appetite stimulation, also patience’s experience a well nights sleep feeling refreshed the next morning. This strain is cheaper then the rest because we realize that sick people are often on very tight budgets. Plant type: Best suitable for indoor growing/good medical strain Plant height: Indica/Sativa mix Stoned or high: Good body high makes you want to eat THC level: Medium Flowering Weeks: 8/9 Yield (Sea of Green on one m2): 300-325 Harvest Month: November Grow difficulty: Easy, stable and strong
Price: 10 marijuana seeds for $145.00
Angel Dust picture

Avikedel seeds

This new strain, called Avidekel, still retains the medicinal benefits of marijuana, it just doesn't make users feel stoned. That's because it contains less than one percent THC. While THC may be the most popular of the 60-plus cannabinoids found in marijuana, one of the most important is cannabidiol (CBD), known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Coupled with low doses of THC, Avidekel boasts a 16 percent concentration if CBD, thus offering to relieve pain without making users feel intoxicated. flower 10-11 weeks height 4-6 feet
Price: 10 marijuana seeds for $315.00

Aurora marijuana seeds

Flowering: 45-50 days, mid October in a greenhouse
Height: 100-130 cm
Yield : Up to 125 grams or up to 500 grams in a greenhouse

Aurora is a cross between a carefully selected Northern Lights with our sweet Skunk father, a vigorous plant with heavy resinous buds. This strain has the best attributes from both its parents. Aurora grows into a medium size plant similar to Skunk#1, and has a sweet and fruity taste with a hashy afterbite. Very high yields of quality product and a fast maturation time make this cross an ideal cashcropper both indoors and out. Just sit back and enjoy the lights. Developed: Holland, F-1 hybrid Sativa/Indica: 50% / 50% Appearance: Very resinous, heavy buds Smell/Taste: Sweet & pungent with skunk undertones High/Strength: Strong physical/ clear cerebral Yield per m2: Very high Sowing time: May/June
Aurora Seeds Picture Price: 10 marijuana seeds for $130.00

Blue Dream

Lineage: DJ Blueberry X Unknown Haze Family: 50%-50% Origin: Santa Cruz Medical Clone Region: Nor Cal Genotype: Thin Leafs Indoor Maturation: 60 to 72 days Outdoor Maturation: Late October Sex Possibilities: Clone only females Stature: Single Kola stretcher Yield: 2 pounds per 1000 watts Odor Level: Average Odor Description: Fruity Berries Taste Level: 9 Taste Description: sweet spicy fruity, blue berries and grapes Breeders Description Blue Dream (Blueberry x Haze) was bred by patients for medical effects using the body high of and indica and the cerebral effects from the sativa. It’s highly effective for pain without the sedative effects of a pure indica. Patients needing effective pain relief during the day will find the effects are long lasting and will find it has a pleasant taste.
Bluedream picture Price: 10 seeds for $160.00


This strain can surprise you with yield, especially if you grow her outdoors where BlueChem can show you all what she can be. Indica-Sativa hybrid where BlueBerry Sativa meets ChemDawg. Result is the BlueChem hybrid with very characteristic green color to slightly purple leaves, one of greatest yielder with real potency. Compact buds, also couch lock to very fine mind and body relaxing is something what you can expect of three phenotypes of the BlueChem. Definitively medicinal strain. Topping is not must because this strain has allready natural tendency to branching a lot. It’s a perfect choice for SOG technics but outside topping is not needed. Iff you really love more bushy then high plant you can top BlueChem after 5th node. Parentage: ChemDawg, BlueBerry Sativa Possible yield: Inside 400-500gr m2, highly recommended SOG or vegetation of 30+ days. Outside 600+ gr per plant !!! Flowering time: 8-9 weeks is must for this strain.Full 9 weeks will have more body effect. Harvest Time Outdoor: End of September (+/- 1 Week) at the 20° - 50° latitude.
Price: 10 seeds for $160.00
BlueChem picture

Bubba Kush
Awards: 1st Place - High Life Cup - Amsterdam Genetics: F1 Kush Effect: Strong narcotic Indica - Great for sleeping and body pain. Taste: Coffee Earthy Flowering indoor: 7-8 weeks, with a yield of 700 to 800 gr / sqm Flowering outdoor: End of October

Price: 10 seeds for $160.00
Bubba Kush picture

Bubble Dust

Bubble Dust: (Bubble Gum X Angel Dust) Plant type: Indoor/outdoor/greenhouse Plant height: recommended 14 days veg for indoor Stoned or high: Long lasting, soaring, Grape taste THC level: Very High Flowering Days: 60-65 Yield (Sea of Green on one m2):300-500 Harvest Month: October Grow difficulty: Easy for everyone
Bubble Dust picture Price: 10 seeds for $110.00

casey jones

Height: 100-150 cm
Yield: Up to 100 grams

driving that Train(wreck) through Thailand with a sour Diesel engine, Casey Jones is the progeny of My Oriental Express mother (trainwreck x thai by billygoat seeds) crossed with the ECSD v3 papas, and i a polyhybrid certain to delight the mind and palate of sativa lovers. There is a bit of phenotypical variation with this cross, varying from fruity sativa dominance to a more dieselish aroma and growth. Look for these lovely ladies to finish up in 8 to 10 weeks.
Price: 10 seeds for $210.00

casey jones picture

Chem Dawg

ChemDawg (Sativa Dominant) Genetics: Parents of OG Kush & Sour Diesel Effect: Relaxing and cerebral. A medical favorite. Taste: Lemony & Earthy Flowering indoor: 9-10 weeks, with a yield of 700-800 gr / sqm Flowering outdoor - Long - Late November
Price: 10 seeds for $140.00
Chem Dawg picture

Chem Dog Double Diesel

Flowering: 45-50 days
Height: 115-130 cm
omposed of the Chemdog D clone Sour Diesel IBL Seriously powerful genetics, combined
Price: 10 seeds for $160.00
Chem Dog Double Diesel pictures

Deep Chunk seeds

his unique broadleaf from Afghanistan was introduced to Northern California in the latter part of the 1970's. A fast flowering plant with thick stems, short internodes, and excellent resin production of the highest quality. The smoke is thick and full-bodied. Flavors range from skunk to Hashy pine, from grapefruit, to chocolate, to coffee. Deep Chunk breeds true for many traits and has earned a solid reputation as a valuable tool in many breeding programs. Yield: low/medium Flowering time: 8 weeks +/
Price: 10 seeds for $90.00
Deep Chunk picture

Double Strawberry Diesel

Height: 150-180 cm

A Select Incross of a large group of Original Strawberry Diesel Moms & Dads. Indoor flowertime of 65-75 days,and an easy gram/watt yield.
double strawberry diesel picture Price: 10 seeds for $190.00

Genius Deep Chunk

Flowering: 50-60 days
Height: 140-180 cm.
Yield: Up to 150 grams

Genius x Deep Chunk Genius, mother to the Apollo 11 seedline by the now defunct Brother’s Grimm Seed Co., mated with Deep Chunk indicas. The resulting seeds produce flowers that retain the classic appearance and flavour of the mother, yet are vastly improved in terms of stature and growth characteristics. The Genius was floppy and in need of staking for support, but this generation of seed is more upright and self-supporting. Yield is above average (325-400 g/ sq m) Recommended for indoors Outdoors in Southern or more equatorial climates. Flowering: 8-9 weeks.
Genius Deep Chunk picture Price: 10 seeds for $120.00

goo marijuana seeds

Height: 100-125 cm

Goo (Pure Sativa) Awards: 2nd Place - Inglewood Cup - 2005 Genetics: Pure Sativa Effect: Energetic and motivated yet it helps to relax and unwind. Taste: Fruity, but Spicy. Flowering indoor: 9-10 weeks, with a yield of 750-950 gr / sqm. Flowering outdoor - Late November
Price: 10 seeds for $180.00
Goo picture

Grape Ape Seeds

Height: 150-180 cm
Yield: Up to 150 grams

Grape Ape (Indica Dominant) Awards: 1st Place - Green Cup - 2005 and 2006 1st Place - Medical Cup - 2006 - Lake County Genetics: Afghani crossed with Skunk #1 Effect: Strong Indica - Great for body pain - Long lasting medical effect. Taste/Smell: Similar to a grape flavor. Flowering indoor: 7-8 weeks, with a yield of 700 to 800 gr/ sqm. Flowering outdoor: Ready in end of September and Mid of October. A true champion!

Grape Ape picture Price: 10 seeds for $135.00

Head Band Marijuana seeds

Awards: Too many to list. Genetics: Mass Super Skunk crossed with 91 ChemDawg Effect: Uplifting, cerebral and psychedelic. Taste: Lemonheads and Petrol after taste. Flowering indoor: 9-10 weeks, yield 700-800 gr / sqm Flowering outdoor: Late October
Price: 10 seeds for $90.00
Head Band picture

Heavy Duty Haze Seeds

Location: indoor, outdoor; Type: indica/sativa; Flowering: ~67 days; Av Phenotype: Sativa/Indica Hybrid - more on the SSH side... Growth: Medium ballanced in all criteria... Flower: SSH-typical drawn-out resinous Foxtail-Calyxes Yield : ca. 29g/Plant Smell: round hazy creamy with some deeper earthy fragrances
Price: 10 seeds for $120.00
Heavy Duty Haze picture

Jack Ripper Seeds

Flowering: 50-55 days
Super Potent * Short Squatt little stretch 2x max ( depending on veg time)? * Extremely High Resin Content * Distinctive Lemon Smell * Medicaly Effective- pain & anxiety relief * Good Yielders Heavy THC Resin Product Specifics Jack The Ripper. The mother plant Jacks Cleaner F1 has obtained urban legend status due to it's? hard to get nature and folktales of lethal potency leaving men dazed. The Space Queen is one of the best tasting strains I have tasted in years and still packs incredible resin and potency and unmistakable lemon qualities but with a definite haze fuel like undertone on the exhale. The JTR seeds are tremendous in size and extremely dark and striped in the classic form of JC crosses.If you liked JCB or JC bx this is the collectors strain for you. 8 weeks + Sativa Hybrid * Resin Rockets
Price: 10 seeds for $190.00
Jack Ripper picture

Jamaican Jam

Breeder : HTC Flowering Time : 60 - 75 Days Environment : Indoor / Outdoor Seeds Per Pack : 10 Composition: F1 Hybrid JamaicanSpear x Afghan Origin: Jamaica / North America Bloom Time: 60-75 days Enviroment: Indoor / Outdoor Jamaican Jam is a Hybrid of a traditional Jamaican Spear plant. Using a devistatingly potent Afghan line to bring up the density of the Huge buds of the J.Spear plant. This Hybrid line displays great potential as a comercial yeailding plant, while excelling in potency. This is of the heaviest yeilding lines to cross the gardens. A longer bloom period, she can prove to be a contender in warmer climates. Unique tones of a sour skunk/berry hashlike aroma from these girls. A great early day smoke. Quite resinous flowers, the bud leafs become thick with trichomes, great for hash! Balanced effects that dont bog you down. A true creeper smoke. It has very dence flowers, that finish into long, Tall 'Spears' of Solid Jamaican goodness. Breeders Tips: Perfect SOG plant, Dont feed her too hard

Jamaican Jam picture Price: 10 seeds for $180.00

Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice is a selected cross of GG#2 mixed too a high Quality Eirdbei that i selected for a few years now, it has great taste, bulky yields and finishes early! it is extremely mold resistent after crossed this highly selected eirdbei with GG#2 and then backcrossed the progony to the mother eirdbei! the smoke is fast hitting and heavy indica body stone couchlocked effect the taste and smell are of a strong petroleum on the inhale with a splash of sweet fruity after taste with a nice long cure she will taste more fruity, this Strain has been selected over 5 generations with the main Goal in creating an advanced plant, that can combat northern climates with ease! (outdoor harvest early September)
jungle juice seeds picture Price: 10 marijuana seeds for $160.00

Kaia Kush seeds

Awards: 1st Place - Cannabis Cup - Amsterdam 2007 Genetics: OG Super Silver Haze Effect: Smoothing and enjoyable work day medication. Taste: Earthy & Spicy Flowering indoor: 9-10 Weeks, with a yield of 750-950 gr / sqm Flowering outdoor - Late November An excellent choice for the greenhouse.

Kaia Kush picture Price: 10 seeds for $120.00
lemon stinky

The parents for lemon stinky come from 2 of the worlds best known varieties from 2 of the best known seed companies. The female in the hybrid is a slightly leafy dank burnt lemon rubber smelling sensi star from paradise seeds and the father a tried and tested chronic male from serious seeds. the odd female may put out a banana in the last we Stature: Very short and stocky Yield: Yield can be very high,400g to 600g per sq/m Odor: All females have a lemon aroma from sweet lemon to dank lemon Taste: If dryed a cured right the lemon aroma is dominant Buzz: Uplifting to start with,with a indica kick Grow Info: Can be grown in any situation apart from outdoors above 60*N.At 55*N she finishes late oct and if started in april/may and left un-topped will grow to around 5-7ft tall and about the same width. Indoors she's a dream to grow very easy for the novice and expert in any medium and should be grown to with in 6-10" you want them to be at harvest time as they don't strech a little if at all ,they just fill in with fat dense cola's covered with incredible amount's of glistening trichomes. Price: 10 seeds for $120.00
Lemon Stinky picture

Levity seeds

Flowering: 45-50 days
Height: 100-130 cm
Yield: Up to 125 grams

True to its name, this is one of the fastest flowering varieties available. These dominant Indica ladies will flower rapidly and grab your attention in the way that only a Lady can. Originated in the high valleys near Mazar-I-Sharif, Chitral, and Kandahar, in Afghanistan and Pakistan; this Indica cross will remind our older growers of the good old days when the first ladies were introduced in the western world. This strain is characterized by broad plants with short, woody stems and internodes, and large dark green leaves.

Price: 10 seeds for $130.00
First Lady picture

Levity Seeds

Flowering: mid Sept
Awards: 3rd Place -Amsterdam - IC420 Genetics: Pezz & Cherrybomb Effect: Heavy Indica - Medical benefits combined with the lasting effects make for a superb medicine. Taste: Sweet with a hint of Cherry Flowering indoor: 7-8 weeks, with a yield of 700 to 800 gr / sqm Flowering outdoor: End of September
Price: 10 seeds for $150.00
Levity picture

lowrider seeds

Genetics: Ruderalis auto flowering Effect: Mellow medicinal effect. Taste: Earthy Flowering indoor: 6-7 weeks, yield 700-800 gr / sqm Flowering outdoor: Mid-September
Price: 10 seeds for $160.00
lowrider picture


oldtime moonshine x chemdawg best strain on the planet!
Price: 10 seeds for $180.00
moondawg picture

Mummia seeds

Mummia is a very fast flowering Indica, short in height, you can really get lots of plants into a small space. Excellent yielding on small and large gardens, indoor or outdoor she will never disappoint you when it comes to the weight. Plant type: Best for indoor/outdoor/greenhouse growing. Plant height: Short- Indica Stoned or high: Good all day high THC level: High Flowering Days: 50-60 Yield (Sea of Green on one m2):400-500 Harvest Month: October Grow difficulty: Commercial crop strain
Price: 10 seeds for $180.00
Mummia picture

OG kush seeds

Flowering: 45-50 days
Awards: National and International Cannabis Cup Winner Genetics; ChemDawg S1 Effect: Pretty strong Indica Medication Taste: Earthy Pine Flowering indoor: 9-10 weeks, yield = 750-950 gr / sqm Flowering outdoor: Late November
Price: 10 seeds for $120.00
og kush picture

Old School Jams seeds

Genetics: Ruderalis auto flowering Effect: Mellow medicinal effect. Taste: Earthy Flowering indoor: 6-7 weeks, yield 700-800 gr / sqm Flowering outdoor: Mid-September
Price: 10 seeds for $140.00
old school jams picture

Mr. Nice G13 x Hash Plant

Flowering: 60 days
Height: 100-130 cm

The G13 is an outstanding pure Indica cutting reputedly discovered by the u.s. government research program in Mississippi. Crossed with the Hash Plant it produces one of the best indoor hybrids that, unfortunately, was last available in the late '80s. Several years ago the Sensi Seed Bank was very proud to put this hybrid into production again and to bring it on the market labeled as 'Mr. Nice'. This is in honour of Howard Marks, an Oxford graduate, who became one of the biggest Marihuana smugglers of our time. After spending 7 years in an American penitentiary, Howard released his autobiography Mr. Nice and now spends his time promoting the normalisation of Cannabis. If you like a solid and resinous bud with a 'double Indica' hashish taste and aroma, it is time to go for the Mr. Nice G13 x Hash Plant.
Price: 10 seeds for $340.00
Mr Nice G-13 Hash Plant picture

Outdoor Mix

Flowering: mix
Height: mix
Yield: mix

If you have problems choosing from our vast collection maybe this surprise pack of mainly Indica strains is your thing!
Price: 10 seeds for $100.00
Outdoor Mix picture

Ruderalis Skunk

Flowering: Sept-Oct
Height: 200-300cm
Yield: up to 300g

Ruderalis is an early-flowering variety that grows wild in parts of Eastern Europe and Russia.
We have used the early flowering characteristic of Ruderalis to improve the outdoor performance of some of our best Skunk varieties.
The advantage of a Ruderalis hybrid is that approx. 50% of the seedlings will begin flowering at the 5-7th internode,
regardless of the photoperiod (with a finishing date of Sept. 1). The other half of the seedlings will be later (October).

Price: 10 seeds for $100.00
Ruderalis Skunk picture

Silver Haze

Flowering: 65-75 days
Height: 150-180cm
Yield: up to 100g

Although the cerebral high of the Sativa is preferred by many,
indoor growers aren't too fond of this type; Sativas get very tall,
take a long time to finish off and produce skimpy yields.
We have spent years searching for a superb Indica/Sativa hybrid suited for indoor growing.
By crossing the Haze, the most powerful Sativa in the world,
to a non-dominant Indica we managed to get the height and flowering time
of the plant down to an acceptable level and still retain the unique Sativa qualities of the high.
The result: Silver Haze, winner of the High Times Harvest Festival.
Rather than top yields, expect top quality that will excite the true connoisseur.

Price: 10 seeds for $200.00
Silver Haze picture

Skunk Kush

Flowering: 50-60 days
Height: 110-140cm
Yield: up to 100g

A hybrid between our best Hindu Kush and the famous Skunk #1.
It has the distinctive qualities of Skunk and the unique pungency
of Kush together in a vigorous, even blend.
Excellent indoor and greenhouse performance

Price: 10 seeds for $150.00
Skunk Kush picture

Super Bud

Flowering: 50-65 days
Height: 110-140cm
Yield: up to 135g

The layering of Indica and Sativa qualities in this hybrid is a rare accomplishment. A superb balance of the best traits from each end of the cannabis spectrum has been achieved through expert selection over countless generations.
The blend of tropical genes in Ed Rosenthal Super Bud's multi-faceted background is especially wide-ranging, representing Sativas from all around the equatorial zone - Africa, South East Asia, Central America and the Caribbean.
An amazingly succulent flower formation is ERSB's distinguishing feature. Different individuals show extra Sativa or Indica influence through subtle variations in the development and structure of their resin-soaked buds.

Price: 10 seeds for $195.00
Super Bud picture

BR> Harlequin

Flowering: 50-60 days
Height: 110-140cm
Yield: up to 100g

Harelquin is a 75/25 sativa-dominat hybrid that is popular for pain relief
This strain has a very high cbd level a favorite for medical marijuana patients

Price: 10 seeds for $290.00
harlequin picture

Girl scout cookies seeds

Flowering: 50-60 days
Height: 110-140cm
Yield: up to 100g

girl scout cookes marijuana seeds is a potent mix of an og kush x durban poison x cherry kush
9-10 week flower when you grow girl scout cookies
yield from these ladies can be as much as 2 ounces indoors
Resistance to dieseases and pests higly versatile strain

Price: 10 seeds for $169.00
girl scout cookies picture

Girl scout cookies seeds

Flowering: 50-60 days
Height: 110-140cm
Yield: up to 100g

Genetics: Grape Ape and Sour Diesel Effect: Healing the Mind, Body, & Soul Taste: Like a wine grape. Flowering indoor: 7-8 Weeks, yield 700-800 gr / sqm Floweing outdoor: Late October

Price: 10 seeds for $161.00
girl scout cookies picture


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