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All magic mushroom kit and marijuana seed prices are in Canadian funds, if you pay in American funds you will receive much blessing

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Update! Peyote tea and grow kits are available now $50.00 simple mention on our product order form to order. For every order over $200.00 we will add to your shipment a *FREE* bottle of Sensi Soak!

Sensi Soak will increase your percentage of female marijuana seeds germination by up to 95%!

A $39.95 value. 

We have the worlds largest collection of all female seeds over 160 strains check them out at All female seeds You can also order these alternative products separatly by emailing medical seeds, or adding it to your order on our order form. 

We recently added for 2020 some great autoflowering strains perfect for northern climates Autoflowering seeds Please add a $10 dollar shipping and handling fee to your total, however, if you order multiple items and the shipping and handling fee is still $10! 

We also have the orders largest collection of high cbd strains check them out at High CBD Marijuana seeds 

All marijuana seeds are offered in packets of twenty

We now have a large selection of medical marijuana products at Marjuana for sale 

Seed germination will be 75%-100%
We guarantee 50% seed germination, and 50% of the canabis plants will be female.
Select few marijuana seed companies offer a majority of marijuana seed females.

Although some cannabis strains are heavier yielders than others, your marihuana yield ultimately depends more on your lighting than weed genetics.

Price is more a measure of uniformity and stability than a measure of quality, yield or potency.
Different marijuana seed companies do varying amounts of work on their marijuana strains and some are able to present "stabilized hybrids" and "true breeding strains".
With the higher priced varieties you should expect all of the marijauna plants to be similar to one another, giving you the best choice for "Mother Plants".
The lower priced varieties will be less stable, meaning that there will be more variation between different plants, representing a wider range within the marijauna hybrids.

Remember, these prices are in Canadian and American dollars. That means that if the listed price is $220, the price in American funds is $220 and Canadian funds $220

We use low, medium and high ratings for our marijuana yield categories.

Other cannabis seed companies rate yield amounts to the gram, we believe the yield amount depends more on growing conditions then the genetics of a marijuana plant.

An experienced marijuana grower can harvest larger amounts from a low yield marijuana plant, than a beginner can harvest from a high yield marijuana plant.

Cannabis clones are all fully rooted in peat pellets or rockwool email if you have any questions

For information on specific disorders which marijuana is helpfulclick here

We have a free seed offer where all medical marijuana patients

Can send in $10 for shipping for a free pack of Afghani seeds

Special 10,000 seeds outdoor/indoor mix $1150 u.s funds Updated March 13th 2020

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Look into glistening soul to see a falling sky dropping fears on lonely souls cannabis rises from the dying sky to see us falling on our fears rising into the light we see the truth cannabis seeds provide a endless light! 

Warm glow from magic mushrooms can last for months: study Module body Wed March 2 2020 WASHINGTON (AFP) - The feelings of well-being and life satisfaction brought on by the hallucinogen psilocybin, found in "magic" mushrooms, can last for months, according to a new study. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland found that the majority of 36 volunteers who took psilocybin in controlled conditions continued to feel the beneficial effects for more than a year afterwards. "Most of the volunteers looked back on their experience up to 14 months later and rated it as the most, or one of the five most, personally meaningful and spiritually significant of their lives," said Roland Griffiths, a professor in the department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences and Neuroscience. The first results of the clinical trial, aimed at uncovering the secrets of the "magic" mushrooms that have been used for religious or healing purposes in some cultures for centuries, were published in 2006. Fourteen months after the trial, the 36 volunteers -- all in good physical and mental health -- were given the same questionnaire as well as some follow-up questions. Results show that about the same proportion ranked their experience in the trial as one of the most personally meaningful or spiritually significant events of their lives. "This is a truly remarkable finding," said Griffiths, lead author of the study which appeared in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. "Rarely in psychological research do we see such persistently positive reports from a single event in the laboratory." He said the results gave credence to claims that the mystical-type experiences some people had during hallucinogen sessions may help patients suffering from cancer-related anxiety or depression. Psilocybin could also be used as a possible treatment for drug dependance, the professor said. He said his team was "eager" to continue their research, adding that although some of the volunteers had reported fear and anxiety immediately after receiving psilocybin, "none reported any lingering harmful effects." However, the team warned against giving hallucinogens to people at risk of psychosis or other serious mental disorders, and said it was important that it be administered under controlled conditions. Psilocybin is a plant alkaloid that affects some of the same brain receptors as serotonin, a neurotransmitter.